Strange Review: Voice AI Research Report

Our living research report on Voice AI, Apple's generative AI abilities via Siri

Voice, one of the most natural ways of human communication, will be one of the most intuitive ways we interact with advanced AI models — which is why we think it’s worth taking a deep dive into the current technical approaches and emergent applications in Voice AI.

There were four trends that surfaced for us during our exploration, where we see businesses leveraging Voice AI: Personalization at Scale, Invisible to the Human Ear, Getting the Bigger Picture (Contextual Intelligence) and Democratizing Access. Don’t miss the case studies we found on the most interesting applications of Voice AI.

One thing’s for sure. Things will move fast. This is why we designed our research report to be living, and updated on a quarterly basis.

Did you enjoy the report? We welcome any thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. Send them over to [email protected].

Now on to the highlights in AI and creativity this week…

🔥 Latest news

  • Meta is reportedly developing a new generative AI model that’s likely to be as powerful GPT-4 

  • Anthropic launches Claude Pro, a paid subscription plan for its ChatGPT rival 

  • Apple reportedly working on generative AI features in Siri that recognize and generate image, text, and videos along with automating tasks like converting GIFs, generating 3D scenes 

  • Hugging Face releases a minimalistic ML framework for Rust called Candle, and rolls out SafeCoder for creating enterprise code assistants 

  • Gaming company Roblox to launch its immersive digital world’s platform on PlayStation, announces plans to launch avatar-based voice calls with facial motion tracking 

🎓 Recent Academic Papers

  • Make ChatGPT see again: This AI approach explores link-context learning to enable multimodal learning 

  • Google Research explores: Can AI feedback replace human input for effective reinforcement learning in LLMs? 

🔧 Cool Tools and Experiments

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