Brand Guides are dead; Brand Models are the future.

Fine-tuned generative AI models are an incredible way to create and bring to life living and evolving brands

Imagine: instead of referring to a brand guide via internal wiki or (god forbid) a pdf, you’re now able to generate visual assets and copy in the company’s tone, voice, style, photography through Brand Models — for every purpose. Need a branded image for an event? Done. Need to program a customer service chatbot to be in the brand voice? Easy-peasy.

The best thing about it? Brand Models are truly living brand guides, and will be a seamless way to implement changes as the brand evolves. These generative AI models will be continually and iteratively fine-tuned on new data sets and feedback— growing as the company grows.

Calling it now: Brand Models will be a key deliverable for any brand project. A logo is no longer enough. I’m so excited about how designers can leverage intelligence to bring nuance and depth into brands, and for AI to help bring their designs to life.

If you’re a brand agency, creative director, brand manager, or CMO who’s interested in building a Brand Model for yourself or your clients, please reach out!